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I’m here again

Once more i come to my childhood home
As a certain network isnt leting me in right now
you see i just like to keep
and some apps over there allow me this
Even though
i discipline my time there as well
Again in my head so much id love to express ans shre
with you all
and wondering how you are doing
even though my comments dont go on several of your posts
Frustrating to say the least
any way a while back i was speaking with a dear friend on here
and she thought maybe i should blog on this topic
On respecting and loving others
We do not respect others because they are lovable
but because we ourselves are loving people
if we are not loving people by our nature
we find it very difficult to love anyone
Also, by the same token,
We do not respect pthers because they are respectable
but, in turn, because we are respectful
Because if there is no respect in our hearts
we respect no one
The point of this monologue
is that the onus is on us
that this good is within us
and if it is not there
we look at every one int this world
in a much more negative light
because we, ourselves are negative
in our own outlook

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ive been everywhere sort of

Well seems we lost our summer
but determined
to once again find ways to enjoy winter
some how and spending
all the time right now i can outside
when its warm
i enjoy it and the lake too
my precious carnations have been blooming
and i always have some in the house
love that scent

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Ive seen that side

Ive seen the secrets
that "good" people try to hide
The lies they tell and then attack others
and slander the innocent but it tell you
things will be exposed and
all things will be made right

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travelling in my mind

So very much in my mind so often
today i have to say
forgiveness and showing kindness to those
who have harmed us
can we show compassion to others in pain
Can we pray for those who are put of control
those who do the most harm often
have no idea just what they are doing
adns so need our prayers for healing of
the heart and soul
if you remember this april
i wrote of a local happening
human remains found in a cistern well
 after 35 years gone
and had been covered with a cement slab and wooden deck
Well the news came out yesterday this was indeed the man
sadly a ww2 veteran
i found out that at the time
there was a search for this gentleman
that lasted 7 years
and now the police point out
that this the beginning of the real
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back so soon?

Yes, its me again
still waiting on my carnations good news
the flowers will be bigger
love that intoxicating scent and my back
keeps getting better and my knees are so well
 summers over half over now
oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still a long season for growth and
fall can definitly wait
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Back again

Yes’ ts me back once more
checking in with you friends
Been a couple cold nights here back to heat
and eating things from my own plants
and very soon my carnations will bloom
 and seems severy columbine seed i scattered at the bottom of those
carnations have sprouted so thick
they almost look like moss
been on frontierville and farmville
*the latter when its working right)
Love communicating with friends here and other sites
hope you’re all fine and coping well
love to be able to do things
make things work
and so i love games where i can
more or less be the master
of my own destiny
so to speak
Think i need that
serenity prayer thing
 but not being able to change things drives me crazy
thats part of the reason
im so high on diet and exercise
that is in my own control

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